The Health Risk Of Simple Sniffles

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People often act as though a common cold is no big deal, declaring that it’s “just the sniffles.” However, you might be surprised to learn that simple sniffles can turn into something far more dangerous. If you or someone you care about have the sniffles, it’s nothing to ignore. Read on to learn more about what causes the sniffles, how it can become more severe, and what you should do about it. What Are Sniffles When you have the sniffles, you’re actually experiencing a condition called rhinitis. Rhinitis can occur as a response to allergens or due to an infection, but if you have a common cold, that’s the infectious variety. The infectious variety of rhinitis inflames the sinuses, resulting in congestion, a running nose, or both. What Sniffles Can Become The infectious variety of rhinitis can potentially become something much more severe. Infectious rhinitis can be caused by bacteria or a virus, and that illness can potentially spread. The infected fluid in your nose often drains down through your esophagus and into your lungs. When this happens, the infection can spread into your lungs, resulting in pneumonia. Whether it’s bacterial or viral, pneumonia is a dangerous illness that can be difficult to beat, especially if the victim is very young or old. Getting Treatment If you have the sniffles, you should consider seeing a doctor for it. Doctors can diagnose whether or not it’s viral or bacterial in nature, and they can take a sample to determine if the pathogen behind your illness is dangerous. If need be, they may prescribe antibiotics to stop the illness before it can spread to your lungs. If it already has, a full course of antibiotics or antivirals may be required in order to beat the pneumonia. Even if your doctor doesn’t prescribe an antibiotic, they may be able to help you improve your symptoms. Steroid nasal sprays are often prescribed by doctors to help open up the sinuses and to slow the flow of nasal discharge. This may help to prevent the infection from going to your lungs, and it will help you to blow your nose more easily, getting the mucus out. People often get the sniffles without it evolving into a more serious illness, but that doesn’t mean that you should ignore this symptom. If you have the sniffles and you think it might be a cold, go see a doctor, such as those at Northwest Asthma & Allergy Center PS, to prevent it from becoming something far...

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3 Reasons Your Practice Should Invest In A Portable Ultrasound

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If you own your own medical practice, you should consider investing in a portable ultrasound machine. Here are a few of the advantages that come with investing in a portable ultrasound machine. Advantage #1: The Ability To Make An Immediate Diagnosis One of the biggest advantages of keeping a portable ultrasound machine in your practice is that it gives you the ability to make immediate diagnosis when you suspect something is wrong with a  patient. You will not have to transport a patient or send them to another facility for an ultrasound to confirm your suspicions. Sometimes transporting a client can be dangerous. Having a portable ultrasound on hand prevents the need for the patient to go somewhere else to get a full diagnosis, keeps the patient in their treatment room where you can assist them right away, and cuts down on the time between when you suspect that something is wrong with a patient and when you can actually do something about it.  Advantage #2: Portable Ultrasounds Save Money Investing in a regular, standard ultrasound machine is expensive business. They are really expensive, and the cost of purchasing a standard ultrasound machine is passed down to the patient in higher fees for getting the ultrasound that they need to confirm your diagnosis of them.  In contrast, portable ultrasound machines are really affordable. They don’t cost as much to purchase and operate as standard, stationary ultrasound machines. This reduced cost is then transferred to patients via lower fees and charges for using an ultrasound machine to make life-saving diagnosis within your own practice. Advantage #3: Increase Transparency With Patients The final advantage of investing in an ultrasound machine is that it allows you to increase the level of transparency with your patients. When you have a portable ultrasound machine, you will be able to examine your patient right there in your office and show them what you are talking about on the ultrasound. Your patient will not have to go to some other facility, where an ultrasound will be run and a tech will look over it, and then later a doctor will explain what happened when they can no longer see the images on the screen. With a portable ultrasound machine, you can find out what is wrong and explain it to your patient all at once. This will help your patient better understand what is wrong with them when they have a visual that they can see right in front of them. They will be able to get real time feedback from you and gain a deeper understanding of their condition. If you own your own practice, the next time you are looking to upgrade your medical...

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4 Benefits Of Spinal Decompression Treatment

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Spinal compression is a horribly painful condition that can be caused by a number of things including a ruptured disc, severe injury to the spinal cord, or even bleeding disorders. Symptoms usually include pain and numbness in the back, legs, and thighs, and sometimes requires surgery to treat. However, non-surgical decompression treatments are becoming increasingly popular with patients who want alternative medical solutions. So keep reading below to discover four great benefits of spinal decompression treatments. Non-Invasive As effective as surgery may be in eliminating the symptoms of spinal compression, the fact that it’s necessarily invasive means that many people may not feel comfortable with it except as a last resort. Decompression therapy, on the other hand, is non-invasive and while occasionally painful, can be done fully clothed in a comfortable setting of your choosing. Beyond comfort, the non-invasive nature of decompression treatment means that’s it is inherently safer than surgery. The amount of complications that can result from even routine surgeries is staggering, and many choose not to risk these complications even if they are qualified for surgery. Customization Another benefit of decompression treatment its that it’s far from a one-size-fits-all solution. Instead, a physician will work closely with you to customize your treatment plan in a way that benefits you most. During therapy sessions, the physician may be able to input the necessary data into a computer which controls a decompression table. In doing so, you can be confident that you’re receiving precise care that is modeled specifically for your needs. Cost While decompression therapy isn’t always cheap, it’s often much less expensive than surgery, even when taking into account a good insurance plan. Of course, each individual situation will be different, but for most people, decompression treatment is a more manageable expense than a huge hospital bill. Talk to your physician about how much you can expect treatment to cost, and how many sessions are included per treatment. Recovery Recovery from spinal surgery is a long process that is often more complicated than the surgery itself. Decompression treatment is different in that there is no sudden recovery ordeal that you are forced to deal with. Instead, recovery is a far more gradual process in which you can experience relief over the course of weeks or months after each successive treatment. For many people, this is preferable to staying in the hospital for an extended period after surgery.  For more information, talk to a professional like Southwest Florida Neurosurgical & Rehab...

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Information About Urgent-Care Centers You Need to Know

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More people than ever before are visiting emergency rooms for medical care usually provided by primary-care physicians. Knowing ahead of time the level of care you can receive at an urgent-care center is extremely important, especially if you have a medical event that is more serious than an urgent-care facility is able to treat. Follow these tips when deciding whether urgent care is best for your medical issue or not. Broken Bones, Body Aches from the Flu, and Stitches Medical events that can be considered as emergencies, like broken bones, flu and cold symptoms, minor wounds that require stitches, and burns are treatable at most urgent-care centers. However, broken bones that have caused internal injuries like a punctured lung should be seen by emergency-room staff. The same is also true about cuts that require stitches. If you have a minor cut on your hand that needs stitches, you can get them at an urgent-care center. If you have a cut that is deep and opened wide with profuse bleeding, a trip to the emergency room is best. If you have a medical event, calling ahead to an urgent-care center to see whether the staff there will be able to treat that event is a good idea. You should keep in mind that most urgent-care centers are led by physician’s assistants and nurse practitioners instead of medical doctors. Small Medical Problems That Become Emergencies When you visit an urgent-care facility with a minor issue, like an aching arm, you may guess that the problem is a pulled muscle that resulted from overdoing things. However, when the pain in your arm turns out to be a symptom of a more serious problem like a heart episode, you will most likely be transported to a nearby emergency room via ambulance. Urgent-care centers are not set up to treat severe medical emergencies like heart attacks, strokes, and traumatic head injuries. If you or someone you love has a serious medical issue occurring, calling 911 is the best idea because an ambulance will go to the nearest emergency room. Urgent-care centers are designed to help take the load off local emergency rooms, so making sure you take only non-emergency medical needs to urgent care is important. Learning more about the urgent-care facility near you and what kind of problems the staff members there treat before you need treatment for a medical event is a good idea....

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Benefits You Can Expect After Being Fitted With A New Hearing Aid

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Hearing loss can be one of the most stressful and unsettling events anyone can experience, especially if you could hear good most of your life. You may have found living a normal life challenging as you lost your hearing, even if your hearing loss was gradual. You may have depended on sub-titles on movies to understand what was going on or you may have been avoiding social interaction because you couldn’t understand what people were saying. Now that you are being fitted for your new hearing aid, check out some of the benefits you can look forward to. Earn More Money With Better Job Opportunities You may have turned down jobs because you were unable to hear well. Once you have your hearing aid fitted and in place, you will have greater earning potential. Consider the jobs you can apply for and perform without any trouble. Your hearing loss does not have to be a problem anymore, giving you a more competitive edge in your work skills. Gaining back your hearing will be a remarkable feeling that can be beneficial for greater earnings. Maintaining Your Cognitive Functioning When you start to experience hearing loss, studies have shown that your brain begins to undergo a natural process called neuroplasticity. Neuroplasticity is when your brain begins to reorganize information, including the information you hear and where it goes as your hear it. Some parts of your brain usually responsible for hearing are assigned to other areas for other types of functions. When you are fitted with your new hearing aid, your brain will undergo neuroplasticity again, only for reassigning original hearing functions. Better Communication Between And Your Loved Ones Your hearing loss can have a negative impact on your loved ones, especially between you and your immediate family. When your spouse or kids have to keep repeating themselves every time you ask ‘huh?’ or ask them over and over again, ‘What did you say?’ they can become frustrated. Consider how happy you family and close friends will be when you are able to hear them again. If you have noticed your hearing is fading, seeing a doctor about it is extremely important for preserving many aspects of your day to day to life. If you need to have a hearing aid, do not worry about being embarrassed because today’s hearing aids are virtually invisible, so most people will never know you are wearing...

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Questions About Hand Surgery Speciaists

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The functionality of your hands is not simply dependent on your muscles alone. The nerves, tendons, and joints of your hands also participate in proper hand movement. When your hands are unable to move without issues, you may require the assistance of a hand surgery specialist to restore their full functionality. Here are a few questions and answers about hand surgeons to help you better understand the purpose of these surgical specialists: Do hand surgery specialists only treat hands? Hand surgery specialists also treat other areas of the body that lead to the hands, such as the forearms and wrists. Still, these surgeons have received additional training to ensure that they can proficiently treat hand ailments. Although many of the surgeons treat patients of all ages, some hand surgeons specialize in the treatment of adults or children only. What symptoms indicate that you should schedule an appointment with a hand surgery specialist? If you are experiencing discomfort in your arm, hand, wrist, or fingers, a consultation with a hand surgery specialist may be in order. Since these specialists are able to diagnose many hand issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, they can assess your condition to make a valid diagnosis. Is surgery the only treatment option offered by hand surgery specialists? Although hand surgeons are surgical specialists, many of the treatments that they recommend for hand conditions are noninvasive. For instance, they may prescribe physical therapy to help alleviate symptoms and restore the full movement of your hands. What are some of the common medical conditions that are typically treated by hand surgery specialists? Multiple pain and mobility issues are treated by hand surgeons. Here are a few of them: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome usually results from the nerves within the hand being compressed by the carpal bones. It is often associated with repetitive motions, such as typing or playing the piano, that have been performed over a significant span of time. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you may notice burning, tingly, and numb sensations in your wrists and hands. Discomfort in Your Wrist If you are experiencing chronic wrist pain, you may have injured the joint, muscles, or tendons within the wrist. Although over-the-counter pain medications may alleviate some of your discomfort, the hand surgeon can recommend a more long-term treatment. Sport-related Injuries Sometimes, you can injure your hand or wrist while participating in a sport. Some injuries may heal without assistance, but others may require the help of a hand surgeon. If you are suffering from hand, wrist, or forearm discomfort, schedule a consultation with a hand surgery specialist in your area, such as one from a clinic like Town Center Orthopaedic...

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