Questions About Hand Surgery Speciaists

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The functionality of your hands is not simply dependent on your muscles alone. The nerves, tendons, and joints of your hands also participate in proper hand movement. When your hands are unable to move without issues, you may require the assistance of a hand surgery specialist to restore their full functionality. Here are a few questions and answers about hand surgeons to help you better understand the purpose of these surgical specialists: Do hand surgery specialists only treat hands? Hand surgery specialists also treat other areas of the body that lead to the hands, such as the forearms and wrists. Still, these surgeons have received additional training to ensure that they can proficiently treat hand ailments. Although many of the surgeons treat patients of all ages, some hand surgeons specialize in the treatment of adults or children only. What symptoms indicate that you should schedule an appointment with a hand surgery specialist? If you are experiencing discomfort in your arm, hand, wrist, or fingers, a consultation with a hand surgery specialist may be in order. Since these specialists are able to diagnose many hand issues, such as carpal tunnel syndrome, they can assess your condition to make a valid diagnosis. Is surgery the only treatment option offered by hand surgery specialists? Although hand surgeons are surgical specialists, many of the treatments that they recommend for hand conditions are noninvasive. For instance, they may prescribe physical therapy to help alleviate symptoms and restore the full movement of your hands. What are some of the common medical conditions that are typically treated by hand surgery specialists? Multiple pain and mobility issues are treated by hand surgeons. Here are a few of them: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Carpal tunnel syndrome usually results from the nerves within the hand being compressed by the carpal bones. It is often associated with repetitive motions, such as typing or playing the piano, that have been performed over a significant span of time. If you suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, you may notice burning, tingly, and numb sensations in your wrists and hands. Discomfort in Your Wrist If you are experiencing chronic wrist pain, you may have injured the joint, muscles, or tendons within the wrist. Although over-the-counter pain medications may alleviate some of your discomfort, the hand surgeon can recommend a more long-term treatment. Sport-related Injuries Sometimes, you can injure your hand or wrist while participating in a sport. Some injuries may heal without assistance, but others may require the help of a hand surgeon. If you are suffering from hand, wrist, or forearm discomfort, schedule a consultation with a hand surgery specialist in your area, such as one from a clinic like Town Center Orthopaedic...

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Treatments For Keratoconus

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The term astigmatism refers to an abnormally shaped cornea. Whereas a cornea should be smooth, in the case of an astigmatism, the cornea has wrinkles in it. These wrinkles form an hourglass shape that bends the light flowing through the cornea and distorts vision. The term keratoconus refers to an especially odd-shaped astigmatism, and if you have keratoconus, you may need to take drastic measures in order to improve your sight. Hybrid Lenses Keratoconus is not a stable condition, the wrinkles in your eye will most likely get steeper as time goes by. As the state of your cornea gets worse, it will be less and less likely that soft contact lenses will sit properly on your eye. Thus, you will most likely need a hard lens to correct the shape of your eye. On the other hand, if you have ever worn hard lenses, then you know that they are horribly uncomfortable. To make hard lenses more comfortable, you should look into wearing hybrid lenses, which have a hard center with a soft skirt around the edges. The skirt makes hybrid lenses more comfortable, and the hard center gives you the best chance of correcting your vision. Corneal Cross-Linking If you don’t want to have to wear hard lenses, or your vision is still not that great even with hard lenses, then you should look into corneal cross-linking. In this procedure, a doctor shaves the outer layer of your cornea off, then bombards your eye with betacarotene. After receiving a few such procedures, your eye should have a more normal shape and will be less likely to further degrade.  In-Tacts In-tacts are another option to consider in conjunction with cross-linking or on their own. In-tacts are two horseshoe-shaped pieces of plastic that are placed under the cornea. Their purpose is to stretch out the cornea. To understand how in-tacts work, picture a shirt that has been thrown in a heap on the ground. Obviously, it will be a maze of wrinkles. If you grab the corners of the shirt and pull, the shirt will flatten out. In-tacts do the same for your eye and should give it a more uniform shape.  Kerotoconus is a debilitating condition that can significantly decrease your ability to see clearly. If your condition is not that bad, then you may be able to get by with soft lenses. On the other hand, if your condition is bad, then you should talk to your eye doctor about cross-linking and...

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Tips For Cutting Down On The Cost Of Funeral Arrangements

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If you have the need to cut back on the amount of money that you are spending on the cost of a funeral arrangement, you will want to make sure to review the following suggestions. Ask For A Cremation Instead Of A Burial Burials tend to cost a lot more money because of everything that is involved with them. You have to pay to transport the body from the funeral home to the burial plot. You also have to pay for the casket, the grave site, the headstone, and for the labor that is needed to dig the site and fill it back in. With a cremation, you do not have to pay for any of that. You can still use a casket for a viewing, but you should have the option to rent one from the funeral home instead of having to spend much more money to purchase one outright. Stick To One Viewing Time Instead of reserving a viewing room at the funeral home for several days, you will want to pick just one day. Then, to make things even more affordable, you will want to select either a morning or evening viewing instead of having two viewings during the day. This way, the viewing room is free to be reserved by other families, which means it will cost you a lot less money. If you are worried about some family and friends not being able to make it back in time for the single viewing, you can always push the date of viewing out a little bit. That way, you are allowing plenty of time for everyone to make the necessary arrangements to make it to the funeral home in time. Seek Donations Instead Of Flowers Many people find that the tradition is to send flowers to the funeral home so the viewing room can be decorated with them. However, if you are really struggling to pay for everything, you could ask the friends and family of the deceased to send a donation to the funeral home to be applied to the funeral costs instead of having flowers delivered. You can advise people of the request for cash donations instead of flowers through social media posts, obituary listings, and through the funeral director. With just those three helpful tips, you should find that the cost of the funeral is going to be much easier to handle. All you have to do now is get in contact with a funeral director like Ryan-Parke Funeral Home to begin making the...

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Inpatient Versus Outpatient Treatment For Anorexia Nervosa

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Anorexia is one of the more serious types of eating disorders, as it has the highest fatality rate among mental illnesses. Because of this, it’s important to make sure that people suffering from this illness get the proper treatment. Unfortunately, only about one-third of those who have anorexia actually get any type of treatment. Among the options are inpatient and outpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa. Taking a few things into consideration can make it clearer which type of treatment may be best. Overall Satisfaction One study found that people were more satisfied with outpatient eating disorder treatment than with inpatient treatment and that it tended to have better results and adherence to the treatment program. Patients like the fact that with outpatient eating disorder treatment centers their lives aren’t so disrupted and they can still continue going to school or work, so it isn’t as obvious to other people that they’re attending treatment. It can be hard to get a month off of work for an inpatient program, for example. Severity of Condition In some cases, there really isn’t much of a choice in the type of anorexia treatment. People with very severe anorexia who have physical complications from anorexia, suicidal tendencies, or certain lab findings often require the monitoring and treatment that is only available as part of an inpatient treatment program. Likewise, if a person isn’t responding well to an adolescent outpatient eating disorder treatment program, it may be necessary to try a more intensive inpatient treatment program. Outpatient treatment is better suited to those who have a less severe form of anorexia, not for those who have life-threatening behaviors or those who need to have all of their meals supervised. Another option is intensive outpatient treatment for anorexia nervosa. This involves having three 3-hour sessions each week with various forms of therapy and some potential meal supervision. Each program typically lasts between three and four months. Things to Consider Before choosing a treatment program, consider whether it will be covered by insurance, the types of treatment and therapy offered, whether any other conditions the patient has can also be treated, whether the program is accredited and the overall quality of the program. It’s also a good idea to take into account the personality of the patient and whether the program would be a good fit. It won’t help be as easy for the person to complete the treatment successfully if they’re miserable the whole...

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3 Tips For Storing Catheters

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If you or someone you care for has to use a catheter, you might be concerned about the proper storage of these urological supplies. Luckily, following a few rules of thumb can help you store them properly. 1. Keep in Their Original Packaging Until Needed First of all, you should know that it is typically best to store your catheters in their original packaging. They are typically packaged in sterile packaging, so minimizing contact can help keep them clean and safe to use. Plus, the packaging that they come in is typically designed to maximize shelf life. Before using, make sure that you check the packaging on each catheter to ensure that the package has not been tampered with. 2. Keep Out of the Sunlight and Heat​ When storing catheters, make sure that you keep them out of the sunlight and heat. Instead, keep them in a cool, dry place, such as in a cabinet or drawer. The exposure to the sunlight could affect the packaging or the catheters themselves. When carrying catheters while you are out and about, avoid placing them in direct sunlight in the car; instead, consider keeping them in a small bag in the center console of the vehicle. You can even keep a bag of catheters underneath your wheelchair seat, if you use one, to keep them out of the sun yet close at hand. 3. Rotate by Expiration Date One thing that a lot of people do not know is that catheters and other urological supplies actually have expiration dates. It is recommended to use these products by these dates, but it can be easy to lose track of shelf life if you aren’t careful. Each time that you purchase a new package of catheters, make sure that you check the shelf life date and compare to the dates on the packages that you already have. Then, put the catheters with the soonest expiration date at the front or top of the rest so that they will be used first. As you can see, there are a few general guidelines that you will want to keep in mind if you have to keep catheters on hand, whether for yourself or someone who you take care of. If you follow these three tips and make sure that you purchase all of your urological supplies from a company that you trust, you should not have anything to worry about when storing them. Click here for more...

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