How to Treat Sciatic Pain

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Sciatica is the term used for an affliction that affects the area of the body from the lower back to the feet. It is not a medical condition in itself, but rather a set of symptoms with multiple causes. It is usually experienced as pain or numbness in the legs, feet, or buttocks, although the problem is actually in the lower back. The sciatic nerve, which is the longest nerve in the body and runs from the lower spine to the feet, controls movement and sensation in the entire lower body. How does sciatica occur? While it may be caused by a tumor or infection in rare cases, it is usually caused by trauma to the lower back. The trauma could be from a specific isolated event or from gradual wear and tear on the spine. Spinal misalignment can cause the spinal fluid to irritate the sciatic nerve, or the nerve can be pinched between spinal vertebra that shift because of wear or trauma. Sciatic pain can appear spontaneously in any area of the lower body, and can range from debilitating pain to a mild feeling of “pins and “needles” in the feet or legs. It is often confined to one side of the body, How can sciatica be treated? Chiropractic treatment often helps to relieve the pain associated with sciatica. A chiropractor may order a scan such as an MRI in some cases to rule out the possibility of a medical condition, but their primary treatment is to physically manipulate the spine until it is in proper alignment. When the spine is in alignment, the sciatica nerves are not compromised and pain gradually decreases as the source of nerve irritation is eliminated. Unless there is a specific injury, recovery from sciatica should include only a few days of inactivity. While activities that put stress on the spine should be curtailed, low impact exercise will help to lessen pain by producing endorphins, which are natural painkillers that mimic the effects of opiate drugs. Physical activity will also loosen muscles and reduce stress.  How can sciatica be prevented? While sciatica may not be completely prevented, it can be avoided and its effects minimized by maintaining overalll health and fitness.  This can be accomplished by losing weight if you are overweight, avoiding sitting for long periods, and strengthening core muscles, which are the deep abdominal muscles that support the spine. Regular visits to a chiropractor for a spinal “tuneup” will also help to assure that your spine is properly aligned and allowing your spinal and sciatic nerves to operate at peak performance. Get in touch with a practice in your area, such as Vanderloo Chiropractic, to set up an appointment or...

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5 Tips For Curbing Morning Sickness

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If you are experiencing morning sickness during your pregnancy, there are several ways in which you can relieve the nausea associated with it naturally. Here is a look at the options available to you so that you can make an informed decision about what is right for your needs. Drink More Water Water is great for alleviating morning sickness. Try drinking a glass of water at least every two hours. The more hydrated you are, the less nauseous you will feel. To find out if you are drinking enough water, just check the toilet whenever you urinate, if your urine is very clear then you are getting enough water, if it is dark and sinks right to the bottom of the toilet and has a very strong odor then you definitely are not drinking enough water. Try Some Citrus Citrus is a great way to help relieve the symptoms of morning sickness. To make use of this remedy, simply add a bit of lemon juice to your water. If you have the rind of some grapefruit or orange you can grate a bit of it into any tea that you make to help relieve your nausea. Eat In Moderation When you are pregnant you can get hungry very quickly. However, try to eat small portions instead of large portions at meal time. Smaller portions are easier to digest than large portions and this means that you are less likely to become nauseous. It is better to eat a little every two hours than to eat large portions all at once. Avoid fried foods, since these take a lot longer to digest and may result in an increase in nausea. Drink Ginger Tea Ginger tea is great for settling your stomach if you are feeling nauseous. Get two pieces of ginger root and chop them up. Place them in a cup of boiling water and allow it to boil for at least ten minutes. Strain the tea and sweeten to taste. Keep Your Blood Sugar Stable A decrease in your blood sugar levels can cause morning sickness. To avoid this, keep some apple juice by your bed and keep sipping on it throughout the night when you awaken to ensure that your blood sugar does not fall to levels that will make you more likely to feel sick in the morning. Using natural means to reduce and eliminate morning sickness is the safest and most effective approach to dealing with this challenging issue during pregnancy. Speak to an obstetrics specialist to learn...

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