Understanding Deafness: When Your Loved One Loses Their Hearing

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When you are a person who has always had good hearing and have always been around others who have similar hearing, the alternative seems impossible to comprehend. So, when a family member either loses their hearing completely or is born deaf, you may not know what to do or what to expect from their situation and circumstances. In order to be there for your loved one the way you want to be, you need to learn more about the various options available to deaf individuals that can help them to interact with the world around them. By doing so, you will be able to better relate to your deaf loved one.  Hearing Aids Though you may not realize it, hearing aids are not just for old people who lost their hearing from old age. In fact, people of all ages wear hearing aids for one reason or another.  Some of those people are completely deaf. In the ear hearing aids are the most commonly devices used in these circumstances. While the hearing aids cannot make a deaf person hear you when you speak to them, the aids may allow them to hear ambient noise around them. Being able to hear ambient noise can help keep your loved one safe and generally aware of what is going on around them. These hearing aids do not work miracles and do not work for every deaf individual. But, if they do work, this can increase safety and awareness for individuals who are deaf. Do not assume because a person wears hearing aids can hear you, even if you shout. The aids are not there to help them hear you, but only very basic background noise.  Cochlear Implants Some people who are deaf choose to try to change their circumstances. While there is no way to make the ears hear again, there is a way to rewire the brain to use an electrical device to hear.  Cochlear implants are devices that are implanted directly into the brain. The devices are designed to pick up and detect sounds, translate them into electrical impulses, and transmit those impulses to the brain to be interpreted as sound. In essence, they allow a person to hear when otherwise they would not be able to.  While this seems like something you would assume every deaf person would want, they are not for everyone. Cochlear implant hearing is not the same as natural hearing and many sounds are missed or can be processed incorrectly. If the intensity of sound and hearing gets to be too much for the recipient of the implants, there is also no way to remove them once they are surgically implanted. So, if you have...

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Three Signs That Your Parent Requires Senior Home Care

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Dealing with aging parents is a reality that will face many people throughout their lives.  Coming to terms with the fact that your parents may no longer have the ability to care for themselves can be difficult, and the situation is made much harder if your parents are also in denial.  While your parents may not need the full time care that is available at a nursing home, they may be able to benefit tremendously by having the assistance of an in-home care aide.  Use this information so you can spot the signs that it may be time to invest in senior home care. Forgetfulness One of the top indicators that your parents may be in need of in-home care is forgetfulness.  Although life moves at an extremely rapid speed, your parents should still be able to relate to you what they have been doing on a daily basis.  If you notice that your questions regarding their daily habits are met with a blank stare, in-home care, such as In Your Home Care, should immediately become an option. When you see your parents, ask them about their day.  Don’t settle for an ambiguous answer; press for details.  If you find that the events that occur throughout the course of the day seem to be forgotten by your parents, contact a senior home care specialist so that you can receive help right away. Unexplained Injuries As some people age, they lose their ability to properly coordinate their limbs.  As a result, they find that they slip and fall more often than they formerly did.  If your parents tend to suffer from an abnormal number of injuries, it’s important for you to solicit the help of an in-home care aide right away.  They can assist your parents with activities such as bathing, dressing or walking down stairs.  This can go a long way toward ensuring that your parents avoid the serious injuries that can further impair their ability to care for themselves. Resistance To Help You know your parents more than most people.  Therefore, you are likely familiar with their level of pride concerning maintaining their independence.  When your parents display an extreme amount of resistance to being helped, it’s probably time to seek assistance.  Use empathic compassion to assure them that their independence will only grow because they will now have the help of an individual who can work to make daily duties easier. Obtaining the help of a home care aid for your senior parents is an extension of your love.  If you notice any of these signs, call a home care aide firm immediately so you can receive the assistance that you...

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